In accordance with the “now” page bandwagon at, here’s what I’m up to these days.

March 28, 2016 version

  • Writing a sort of thesis project ~~, in Java~~. Having let Pumpkin Spice and wirebird.gamehawk percolate a little, I realized they were both growing together. Call it “over-ambitious blogging software,” for simplicity. ~~Aside from Minecraft plugins (some of them fairly complicated, but still fundamentally just kitbashing the Bukkit/Spigot libraries), I haven’t written a lot of Java or other C-family code in quite awhile, so it’s good exercise. The temptation to fall back to familiar Perl5, or to learn Perl6, is strong.~~ Update: Perl’s not dead so I’m falling back.

  • Looking for a job. Not too hard yet, because I’d like to have some of the previous point to show, but if a Perl job that I can do from an hour out of Philly (relo is not an option for a couple years) comes up I’ll jump on it. I’m not soooper-hopeful, hence the Java.

  • Unpacking. We lived in the same little house for twenty years on the two-year plan. It was to have been a “starter” house, and we planned to move “in a couple years” pretty much continuously. And then suddenly Carl had a job halfway across the continent. So we chucked twenty years’ worth of crap in boxes and filled a three-bedroom townhouse to the ceiling. (It’s about the size of our little house - except we also had a 24x30 workshop out back for all our hobbies). Now I’m doing all the getting-rid-of-stuff we should have been doing all along. Learn from my fail: do that while you’re still in the bigger space.

May 9, 2018 edition

  • Still writing the thesis project. It has evolved into learning ActivityPub, RDF and the rest of the Semantic Web, though it really doesn’t have anything to show off for the job.

  • At least we’re less than an hour out of Philly these days.

  • And in a much larger place.

September 20, 2019 edition

  • Shelved the thesis project, at least for the duration.

  • Not looking for a job anymore; have concluded I and my Perl skills are too old.

  • Moving back halfway across the continent, once Carl gets a new job (for which he hasn’t started looking, to speak of), to care for his mother and brother.

  • Nerdily running a sewing business (with a “3D printer” of sorts).