$ CluLo - the tilde.Club Login - the new motd / login message for tilde.club!

css is used in some places in this page. u might wanna turn that on if things are weird.

Demo animation with no color (refresh to see animation again):
~~ welcome to ~~

  $$\     $$\ $$\       $$\                        $$\           $$\
  $$ |    \__|$$ |      $$ |                       $$ |          $$ |
$$$$$$\   $$\ $$ | $$$$$$$ | $$$$$$\      $$$$$$$\ $$ |$$\   $$\ $$$$$$$\
\_$$  _|  $$ |$$ |$$  __$$ |$$  __$$\    $$  _____|$$ |$$ |  $$ |$$  __$$\
  $$ |    $$ |$$ |$$ /  $$ |$$$$$$$$ |   $$ /      $$ |$$ |  $$ |$$ |  $$ |
  $$ |$$\ $$ |$$ |$$ |  $$ |$$   ____|   $$ |      $$ |$$ |  $$ |$$ |  $$ |
  \$$$$  |$$ |$$ |\$$$$$$$ |\$$$$$$$\ $$\\$$$$$$$\ $$ |\$$$$$$  |$$$$$$$  |
   \____/ \__|\__  \_______| \_______|\__|\_______|\__| \______/ \_______/
                                                      A PLACE FOR WEB PAGES

(completely pointless but also kinda awesome (and unofficial (and a work in progress)))

Do you want your login message to be stylish? Like, more stylish than this web page? CluLo is for you!
Update Videos / Changelog:
see the first video (explains what this is and shows when i first got it working in bash)
progress update! now works in bash, zsh, fish, and kinda dash.
version 0.1 released! update checking! full support for 99.6% of tilde.club users!
version 0.2 released! --no-update-check flag added...and that's it
version 0.3 released! bash's $PROMPT_COMMAND is now handled by the script! support for zsh's precmd() hopefully coming soon
version 0.4 released! emergency update that fixes something lol
version 0.5 released! fixes for $PROMPT_COMMAND stuff and precmd() support in zsh version! update applies to bash AND zsh versions

Which shells are supported?

Supported (animation plays) Prompt appears before animation Prompt command support Update checking
Fish (no syntax highlighing) Untested
Note that if you use a shell configuration that is drastically different than the default, then your mileage may vary. Please report ALL bugs, regardless of your configuration. The goal is to support all configurations.

Interested? Here's how to set it up on your tilde.club account!

Note that all examples shown below use ~sebastian/bin/motd-*. I strongly recommend that for security reasons you copy the file into your own home directory and run a local copy instead of just trusting my copy. To do this, run cp ~sebastian/bin/motd-shell ~/bin, replacing motd-shell with the script corresponding to the shell that you use. Although I know that I'm not malicious, you don't, so you shouldn't take my word for it.

Running it once:

Setting it up permanently:

  1. Run touch ~/.hushlogin to silence the old official prompt (if you haven't already).
  2. Put the code for running the script at the bottom of your ~/.profile. You can find the commands for that above under "Running it once". If your shell doesn't read .profile, you may need to put it in a shell-specific profile (e.g. Bash users should use ~/.bash_profile). Fish users should need to put status --is-login; and motd-fish in ~/.config/fish/config.fish. Ensure that the motd script runs AFTER the PS1 variable has been set. DO NOT put the script from my home directory into your profile. Copy the script into your home directory and run it from there instead. It's a pretty terrible idea to let another user have control of a script that runs everytime you log in.
  3. Test if it works by logging out of the ssh/mosh session and logging back in.

How do I get rid of the annoying update check? I don't want to update!!

Passing --no-update-check as a flag to the script will suppress update checking messages on Bash and Zsh. Using Bash as an example, you'd run ~sebastian/bin/motd-bash "$PS1" --no-update-check. The --no-update-check flag must be the last argument passed to the program. You can also manually modify the script and comment out the part of the code in charge of update checking if you really want.

Contact me with bugs, weird things, suggestions, modifications, forks, or anything

~sebastian is the creator and maintainer of CluLo. To contact me, email sebastian@tilde.club or message sebastian on the tilde.chat IRC network.

CluLo License

All versions of CluLo (all motd-* scripts in ~sebastian/bin, as well as the motd text modified from tildeclub/motd) are free software licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (only). You can read the license here.

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