über mein setup >:3c

what i use, as of 2024 may 8:


my computer is a thinkpad t480 running debian, connected to a unix layout unicomp model m and a logitech trackball.

window manager:

i3 with the defaults (i3lock, i3status, dmenu), plus nitrogen for wallpapers. so i'm still on xorg, but i've played around a bit with sway, which has made a very positive impression on me. i'm sure i'll migrate eventually. i don't have one "what it will take to get me to move to wayland" thing, besides maybe xwayland becoming redundant, but that feels a ways off (especially for debian slowpokes like me).

web browser:

firefox-esr with the arkenfox user.js, ublock origin and libredirect, the latter extension mainly for rotating instances of searX (and invidious, when it's working). i use ungoogled-chromium for any website that absolutely demands blink, though i'm unconvinced of the utility in "ungoogling" anything that necessarily depends on google services/support.

text editor:

emacs for long-form writing, vim for quick edits when emacs would be overkill (like now). i have a sentimental attachment to emacs because i wrote my dissertation in it (org-ref single-handedly converted me—shout-out to john kitchin, who personally saved me hundreds of hours). i generally use emacs in evil-mode (vim-like layers and keybindings). i've been playing around with groff and refer lately, though, which i've been a bit stunned by the ease of, so my emacs days may be numbered.

other daily utilities:

because i'm 1337, i use st as a terminal (i like foot for wayland) and lf as a file manager. i keep pcmanfm on hand for batch operations and mtp, because that stuff's just easier with a graphical tool. i'm using zathura for pdfs these days, but i'm between image viewer utilities (i do like swayimg as a minimal solution for wayland). i use pass for passwords, pandoc for document conversion, pdfsam to "Split And Merge" PDFs, vlc for media playback, gimp for image editing, libreoffice for dealing with miKKKro$$oft office files, and so on. mostly conventional choices.

the mobile telephone:

i'm Daily Driving™ the unihertz jelly star, a $150 phone (more now, but i backed the kickstarter :3) with a three-inch display. it's been much more usable than i'd expected, while still having the intended effect of cutting down my screentime. it comes with less bloatware than most android phones, but i did need to use adb to strip out some of the bullshit system apps. it also has these big dumbass leds on the back to mimic nothing, which i've disabled. i've been using it since last august, and it seems like i'll stick with it.

phone software:

  • launcher: the default (it's fine). i've used "minimal" text-based launchers in the past, but they just incentivize me to spend a bunch of time fussing with how my phone looks, which goes against the goal of spending less time on it.
  • usual alternatives to system apps: openweather, newpipe, etc.
  • unfortunate concessions to social necessity: whatsapp, sms, and google maps because openstreetmap still sucks.
  • authentication: aegis for anything important.
  • web browsing: firefox focus.
  • music: phonograph for local mp3 playback.
  • podcasts: pocket casts, because it doesn't force you to provide your email or make an account.
  • what i don't do on mobile: spending, email, socials.