bitte, klicken sie auf einem kool link! B-)

computers are bad
a terrific newsletter about computing and telecommunications history by j.b. crawford.

ashok karra's blog about philosophy and poetry. thoughtful, deliberate, exploratory writing.

eukaryote writes blog
georgia ray's blog about a variety of life-sciencey topics, accessible to non-specialists.

evelyn's chicago style hot dog page
a top tier tilde and essential reference, dear to me as a chicagoan in exile.

gooey's plog blog
my boyfriend's tilde, a woodwind practice and composition log (he doesn't update it much).

hundred rabbits
artist collective at sea. really cool digital media projects, plus resources for off-grid living.

low tech magazine
direct solar-powered online magazine about sustainable infrastructure.

the kind of sprawling site the Web used to be full of (an "iceberg site") dedicated to Web ephemera.

spool five
post-academic blog on assorted open-source, philosophy, music, and climate topics.