Hi, I'm UniQMG! /* About me */ I joined tilde.club on Sep 20 2019. I enjoy programming and finding cool things to explore on the internet. I also tend to overuse obnoxious css, as you can see. /* Why I joined tilde.club */ I find the old internet a fascinating subject: Granted, we have lots of new technology (both physical and software) to play around with these days, but exploring the 'old internet' sounds awesome. tilde.club and derivatives are a fascinating lookback to this sort of content. /* Programming languages I have experience in */ /* Blog posts and quick notes */ Sep 20 2019: Hello worldI joined tilde.club today and put up this page. It's nothing fancy, but I like adding some css to things. It's mobile-friendly, not outright ugly to look at, and provides a good launching pad. /* I'll put some more stuff here eventually */ /* Webring! */

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