hi, I'm skingrapher !

making the web really accessible

Accessibility is not all about rules and guidelines. I work on real case design on the web to grant access to information for people with neural, motor or visual disabilities or with network inconsistency in rural zone.

web accessibility projects


a tool to manipulate colors by lot:

  • it fixes contrast in reference with a choosen color
  • it simulates color blindness (actually deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia)
  • it outputs palette as a Sass map or a list of CSS variables

started in

SVG colorblind filters

a SVG file with protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia filters:

  • it can be used as filters in CSS
  • it is useful to simulate colorblindness on pictures in a HTML page

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a zsh script to manipulate CSS rules from local or external CSS file:

  • it retrieves declared typographical and color rules
  • it can minify or prettify
  • it can check any declared font-size at :root
  • it figures out if a style rule is nested in a media rule
  • it uses awk subscripts which can be used independantly

still experimental. bugs from regexp. doesn't check CSS var yet.

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on gopher. see the gopherhole below.

gopher is an internet protocol which was designed to share information in plain text mainly.

it is possible to share binary files too. download is generally faster than via HTTP.

you need a specific gopher client to explore a gopherhole. there are a few for each platorm. you have a list of clients available.