sep. 15, 2019

Tilde coming back with a vengeance

Someone made a mailing list for Tilde and now that's a thing that's in my inbox that I don't hate. Surprising amount of newsletters in my inbox for 2019, don't know if I saw that coming. Putting a plug in for Ernie's Little Yellow Different Substack. It's as good as I remember the blog form of LYD from 2000 but now in a different form. Yay for people who still blog and make things on the web!

oct 4, 2018

Three years later...

I never forgot but damn three years went quickly. Let's see if I can do six.

oct 22, 2015

nothing beats a little html

I haven't forgotten about you little tilde.

All tucked away in your cozy warm spot on a server in the dark.

I just haven't made time to pop open the terminal, navigate to the directory where you live and live edit this page in Pico.

It's not you, it's me. I prefer my media social these days I guess. If there isn't the threat of 1000s of people reading this then I barely want to write it.

Luckily, little tilde, you'll never go public, talk to investors or hack any growths.

Stay cool, little tilde. I'll miss you til I write here again.

dec 3, 2014

Don't shoot, don't strangle, don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot

I can't imagine what it must be like to be black in America today. I defintely stand with Chris Rock on this one. "It's not black people who have progressed. It's white people." Which is to say white America is the nicest they've been in the history of this nation. Which is not saying much. Aside from donating to the ACLU and keeping this subject on our collective lips. How are we going to effect real change? I'm talking to you, fellow white person.

nov 12, 2014

Hail Mary full of guilt

I missed that ~ford noticed that I was feeling guilty for not updating this tilde. He's also absolutely right that I put that on myself. Though in my own defense, I was raised Catholic so a lot of that comes from God or Catholic mothers or something. Now that I'm decidely not Catholic or religious any longer you would think the guilt would go away too. Maybe I need to say ten Hail Mary or something? Old habits die hard.

nov 11, 2014

A Force Awakened

A few years ago, Chris and I were down in LA doing the most LA thing I had done up til that point in my life, stopping by Ashton Kutcher's production company to talk over his recent investment in our company, Thing Labs. Ashton is a very bright guy especially when it comes to technology and asked lots of great questions and pushed back on answers in the way you look for in a good investor or even collaborator. He had a lot of suggestions during our meeting and then invited us to stick around for a taping of his live webcast.

"I think Mischa Barton is supposed to stop by and maybe some of the Kardashians" he offered. We were in.

A few hours later, we were posted up as part of the scenery as Ashton gave a guided tour of his studio to the camera and conducted spontaneous interviews and introduced special guests. A street magician was performing odd tricks like threading a needle through his stomach. He also had a small mostly well-behaved monkey that participated in the tricks. Mischa Barton didn't show up but towards the end of the hour, Kim Kardashian appeared. She spoke to Ashton on camera for a few moments but was mainly just along for the ride like Chris and I. She and Ashton closed the show watching another bizarre magic trick and then the monkey jumped onto Kim and peed on her. She handled it like an old Hollywood pro and made a beeline for the bathroom to clean-up.

Famous for being famous or geniunely interesting and calculated I'll never really know but it's clear that nothing is stopping her. Nothing.

oct 20, 2014

My old familiar friend

Having abandoned, largely, my Blogger blog years ago in favor of shorter forms of communication. Here comes that old familiar feeling.

"I should really update my ~."

Ugh. I might not be long for this typing into a shell to put text on the web game.

oct 13, 2014

The Tesla D is looking pretty great

...or the Lincoln showcar that became the Batmobile.

oct 10 2014

'I'm a selfish jerk.' says ~megnut for wanting a private, safe, fun place to stay private, safe and fun. I don't know if that's selfish at all. It sounds great. After all it is a club. Clubs have at least one rule, sometimes more. I play on a softball league in the summer with a bunch of other dads. Every time we need to add someone to the team they are subjected to the 'No assholes rule'. That's it. One rule. When I asked a friend recently about a fellow dad in town. 'Would you invite him to play softball with us?' he said, 'No way'. We both knew what he meant. It's harder to do as a community grows. It's also not a great job to have to be the one to weed out the assholes.

oct 9 2014

If I haven't thanked you properly yet, Paul. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is fun.

oct 8 2014

So we're blogging again?

We're really doing this aren't we? Something that came so naturally to us years ago is back in action. Why did we stop? Was it the quip driven engagement? Was it that Google Reader turned off the firehose of users ready to read what we had to say? Is it that most blogging tools are bloated and don't feel up to the current task of quickly sharing your thoughts?

I'm genuinely curious because I'm building something new in this space and I can't wait to see where this is all going. I have more thoughts. Don't worry - you'll hear them all soon.

oct 6 2014

Our incredible journey

I changed this page to mock an acquisition by eMachines. Inspired by ourincrediblejourney.tumblr.com.

sep 30 2014

just setting up my tilde. [archive]

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