this is roadies corner of the tilde

and it has last been tramped with on Sat Sep 23 22:17:51 CEST 2023
actually, I cheated, this line is rsynced but I will tramp here now and again.

Don't have good ideas if you aren't willing to be responsible for them.

Tue Jun 25 05:34:41 CEST 2024
Julian Assange is free.
Privacy Putin Reynosa Subway IB Execution North Korea penrep SSL SIRC rogue LABLINK TRW cryptographic quiche

Mon Jun 24 17:54:41 CEST 2024
I am ok with mastodon. Summer weather and still working on my webdev worlddomination project, can't be much longer now. I am considering a theory that says there is probably one good way of doing something and settling for that, perfecting, automating and making it a routine is good enough. I am getting the responsive image production sorted at the moment.

Aladdin nitrate E911 interception ARPA PRIME Bosnia SHA chameleon man Security Consulting Incident computer terrorism FDA Interstate SDI

Tue Jun 18 21:42:36 CEST 2024
I was just looking at the mastodon home I found and thinking I am too old for all these opinions when a post with RIP noam chomsky appeared. I am tired.
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Mon Jun 17 16:40:30 CEST 2024
there is a speech from Chris Hedges Neros Guests its the real thing.
FMS Adriatic Infection Locks Beyond Hope Malware CTU Planet-1 Rumsfeld NWO Secure Border Initiative Israel Hazardous Extreme weather Glock

Mon Jun 17 16:34:51 CEST 2024
in the mornings I browse through the kagi small web and I often see pages where people just write about what they do and I have no backstory or reference and today I realized thats how I am writing too. its not really for reading is it, this blogging thing. Anyways, raining a lot these days but sunny too and i plonked the weather rails thing online - and it works too. just that the servers have and active incident and it will take a bit before they come back I think.
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Sun Jun 16 22:14:16 CEST 2024
very cool - someone actually played (kindo of) my labzero level and filmed it, a whole hour. Just great to see how different someone else is playing and moving around in the level and how a lot of things fall flat on their face when the player is not doing what he is supposed to.. excellent. I went and implemented the weather api thing - or rather gpt4 did and its getting there - it runs on a cron job - gets the forecast and extracts temp etc , bedtime ... continuing tomorrow ... ciao.
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Fri Jun 14 22:01:30 CEST 2024
so I finally uploaded labzero to moddb and to pfoiffees onedisk and he went and put the mradar video on youtube. maybe there will be someone I can work together with on this level but it has to be out so anyone interested can do whatever they want with it - just takes too long to finish on my own.
explosive SLIP Flu Federal Bureau of Investigation Deaths BITNET ISN CIKR ASPIC computer terrorism Cain and Abel BZ Nuevo Leon Car bomb pipeline

Wed Jun 12 11:41:38 CEST 2024
I found the macro that opens this html for blogging, I looked at the tilde page and I don't know who wrote all that stuff. I have to start new but I don't have consistency OR style so ... I'll do it anyway, somehow. But if I write so shitty ... should I record it? or ... write it and then have the AI rewrite it in the style of another person - that sounds reasonable. Have to find such a person. I will do that and then report back here. Hang in there me hearties. peace out.
ANC Blackout BITNET Taiwan Ermes beanpole ASPIC Hollyhock PRIME SSCI Mudslide ID Hezbollah Uzbekistan DEA

Wed Mar 27 17:52:32 CET 2024
I am back - that was copilot, I just hit TAB - I am not really back I don't think. However that being said I have to admit that life is getting on nicely. I gave up on some ideas, and ready to start others as they come along. but first let me figure out how I save this and upload it - there must be an rsync command for that. I will find it.
Nuclear threat DDOS Ft. Knox WINGS Drug war Torreon sigvoice tempest DATTA OSS Erosion Storm DCJFTF Commecen Emergency Landing

Sat Dec 23 15:48:40 CET 2023
Don't ask. today I learned about cache policy and how to add webp as a file type in the .htaccess file. I am close to getting the 100% on the lighthouse in all disciplines as in understanding how to do that - the score is already in. Shopify called and said I need to setup DMARC so that the google and yahoo douchebag mail servers will accept my mails. I am not sure if I want to do that. But I will of course. I need to learn a shit ton of things clueless people will want me to implement to make it to the top of the google search heap of ... just noticed, copilot stopped suggesting. because I wrote too much or because I swore up there ...?
anyways. Is it just a heap or a pile of ... nevermind, oh that reminds me - How can I get a german Siri voice with a pulse? Seriously who picked these emotionslose Abiturienten Stimmen? OK, I will try and be back tomorrow but no promises of course. toodles da toodle
secure shell DEA PBX Elvis SHAPE UNSCOM Brownout debugging CDMA CCS grey data freedom computer terrorism UKUSA bank

Wed Nov 8 04:11:45 CET 2023
6 days without blogging o.O - I could say that I was busy with other things but that would be a lie. I was busy with emacs and other things. I decided to not use jekyll for new sites but write them using a basic set of html files, one css file and the folder structure. Still on that project. watching old videos on css grid and the the yaddayadda/info ratio is about 85% - comes with trying to win at youtube. you take 9 minutes for explaining something in 1 minute.
its insulting and should be. toodles.
Abu Sayyaf president Black out racal ETA infowar FSB Taliban Mossberg Facility MI6 radar UN ASDIC Symptoms

Thu Nov 2 10:28:08 CET 2023
new router arriving today - the old one was acting up, I hope _it_ was the router. Maybe I should post an image of my admin dashboard view for writing a post on this blog - here, done - here is the screenshot; you see where the point was at that moment? good.

and for anyone wondering about the funny words below each post, that is an emacs feature called "spooks" Look it up. But not with Google, use Kagi and pay so we can have a better internet in a couple of years.

Shell RAID FAMS ASDIC Agent U.S. Consulate Hurricane Sick Maple RSA Plague Police El Paso Colombia SERT

Tue Oct 31 15:47:12 CET 2023
so I got this domain because dreamhost kept bugging me about collecting my free .club domain - done. What I want is something complementing the mastering emacs blog and book. Quick draft:

you can see how the jumping calf is great for this of course. but this should not be for learners or uninitiated etc no it should take the mickey (great pun ... Mickey Petersen :) you get it? Mickey ... just deleted the yasnippet snippets package and insanity left the chat, meaning I can type don't without it turning into a TODO comment. great.
to dall e image of roadie tagging a wall

Phreaking Pork Bomb squad Water borne RIT Serbian Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb WINGS Amherst TIE Border BATF president Exercise remailers

Sun Oct 29 14:30:49 CET 2023
Guess what I found out today... exactly, I can make images with dallE in gpt4 - very slick and I also found an HN post that goes into the science of prompting... let me find the link, it was here a minute ago blimey where isitt... ah, here it is: now add a walrus
very cool .. toodles
dall e image of roadie tagging a wall

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Sat Oct 28 19:27:12 CEST 2023
I finally made 3 wwwurl buttons in my personal button file - and I did it from the menu, like clicking with the mouse? What can I say ... at least they work. Now, except for a button to this page - somehow (my guess) the ~ in the url messes things up. Any regular url works and opens happily in OrionRC the default browser here. So I did the following: I made a kbd-macro that issues:
M-! open --background
and that works, so there đŸ˜¶ - what else happened... oh yeah - this morning monterey got an update and it took 30 minutes at least, including Safari 17.1 - Orion also updated, main thing is some patch for an iLeak thing - saw it mentioned on HN. weather is shit, days are great though and all is moving along nicely while the world is burning of course. forgot that for a moment. · toodles
DITSA Earthquake South Africa MI6 asset S/Key Air borne satellite imagery Closure primacord Abu Ghraib Authorities Watergate National preparedness SUSLO

I think I have a problem finishing something. I am working on this "perfect" site skeleton for jekyll with cssgrid, plain css and jslint js and I have started this a hundred times it feels like - skeletons sprinkled across creation. It is complex because svg paths (yasnippets) jpeg conversion to webp etc is involved and these things sidetrak me.

its annoying because I know it will work, look great and make it so easy to create really good sites... yeah, I know, I am a perfectionist. I am also a bit of a procrastinator. I have to get this done and then I can work with it. should have been done a year ago but full acceptance, no guitars.
Norvo Virus Panama AFSPC import USAFA Spammer corporate security Lightening penrep Armani Wackenhut bemd Nigeria FINCEN Al-Shabaab

Thu Oct 19 17:10:06 CEST 2023
sitting in the harbor and sturmflut is coming today and more tomorrow. not catastrophe just hight water plus 50 to 80 cm. grey skies and working on the sites. compiled 29.1.90 but have to install and run it yet. so that is it for today. toodleedoodledaa
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Tue Oct 17 21:56:32 CEST 2023
late again but what the heck. I am still working on the rails thing and started the old school webdesign project. just a blog taking notes for the moment. the router had its acting up day and I have another week of holiday I learnd, excellent. so just came be to check in and say hi.

Ricin UMTS TDR sneakers initiative warfare Typhoon HALO Lexis-Nexis Security Council Looting Organized crime smuggle orthodox DSS

I can not believe it. no blogging for 4 days. I am such a slacker. well, I was busy. I am still busy. I signed up for the family Kagi, set it up on mobile and wifes machine, subscribed to orion+, made that my default browser and adapted the 2011 watch.rb script to work with orion. I also shopped cooked and cleaned. I am a busy bee. Plus I played rage and I should write a review about that. Rage is from 2011 too and it has amazing leveldesign regarding environment, textures, sound and lighting. I will get into that later. right now I am back on the rails project and trying to figure out how to keep a log of that on the side feeding straight into my first book ever on how to be a proper webdesigner.
see you soon. toodleloodles
have to add something: "folks, signup with kagi and make it your default search enginea and if you are on mac - subscribe to orion and make orion or even orion RC your default browser. We want the internet back!!! and you have to help.

Abu Ghraib CCS lynch Nuclear facility spook Fusion Center NRO Kennedy Honduras Halibut Patel Extremism Typhoon Becker Delta Force

Wed Oct 11 14:51:54 CEST 2023
really? 2 days no post, well I was busy. Fixed the dishwasher last night. it was clogged, I learned how to do it and done. Now I am wondering how many millions of euros globally have been lost to repairmen etc because of youtube. day is nice and slow.
Prevention Kosovo afsatcom ATF ASIS Matamoros JFK SSCI Looting orthodox AFSPC NBIC TRW Ti Botnet

Sun Oct 8 22:35:13 CEST 2023
really late - its bedtime. had to do papers today and it was a bit of a drag but ok. wifes sculptures hit the newspaper - very happy. should post the image here, tomorrow. well thats it. the world is unhinging and winter is coming. to be continued
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Sun Oct 8 09:28:29 CEST 2023
I came here very early today, so I was just fixing a mail issue in macOS and came across a link I had saved years ago. its about apple buying a patent for digital identity cloning back in 2011 which was intended to pollute :
here is a screenshot in case the link dies:
apple patent site screenshot
I wondered why they never did anything with it of course. But now Safari ships with profiles, right?
And I found a followup paper from 2014 where the original inventor is a participant :
Managing digital identity information
I think we need the real thing in free software. to unshittify the web.
SURVIAC SADMS government Elvis Tamiflu kilderkin Power outage Temblor S Box MYK SCUD missile Environmental terrorist SEAL Team 6 Audiotel Somolia

Sat Oct 7 21:06:04 CEST 2023
allrighty, so it rained the whole day basically. emacs crashed in the morning and I could not figure out how to fix it. it was a segmentation fault abort trap 5 or 6 kind of thing and the second time I have seen this. so I pulled the emacs from yesterday from time-machine and took a vow not to update or install anything from now on. fingers crossed. Also deleted corfu, robe, enh-ruby-mode and something else, forgot. we went to the opening of the exhibition and it was very nice. I made lunch in 17 minutes which is record and now I went on in the rails tutorial but its too late to get far. will have to recap tomorrow. laters
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Fri Oct 6 20:33:51 CEST 2023
so I finished part 8 of the tutorial and now have an industrial strength login system. I left the sass and bootstrap css out of course and quite happy with what I have learned. Yesterday rails 7.1.0 came out so I updated my wallpaper. oh yeah - here it is:
rails 7.1.0
well, its saturday tomorrow exhibition and more tutorial later so I will leave it at that. toooodles
Cowboy Artistic Assassins kilderkin penrep Nazi SDI Blackmednet Arnett DMAT MD5 Coast Guard ISS SBS primacord EADA

Thu Oct 5 22:14:43 CEST 2023
what can I say, I was busy. brought the sculptures and signed up for aufsicht. weather is getting colder but not much. reached the signup part of the railstutorial and it starts to show that he really does not want to rerecord this beast. every time something obsolete is in the video an overlay comes saying stick to the text on this one... understandable but does not make it easier. I created a keynote to build the ultimate old school webdesign course but it will be so much work ... I do not know how. chatgpt with the custom instructions from that dude from the combinator post are really a blessing. so much better now. thats it really, there is more but its late too. laters
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Mon Oct 2 17:11:08 CEST 2023
* username max 50 password min 6 *
this is from a tutorial. like ... a professional tutorial. So lets just go through this. username: when was the last time you chose a username with more than 25 characters? - exactly. what about the password, 37 bits of entropy should be more than enough for the next 10 years? I thought so. Here is the fixed version:
username max 25 password min 22 et voilĂ . laters
virtual CID SAR CBP Narcotics Watch Brown out anarchy WHO DCJFTF Arellano-Felix Quarnantine military New Federation Plane

Sun Oct 1 15:57:26 CEST 2023
* <footer class="footer"> *
have you come across this? I have and I do not get this. so this is a footer and someone gave it the class "footer". What could be the reason to do this? Now you can target the footer and the class .footer in the css. Or, is this to distinguish this classy footer from the other footer on the page? I am serious, why does this happen why do people do this. They must know what they are doing. There must be a reason to do this.

this is just one thing, there is an iceberg underneath of course. I have watched a few tutorials in my life and there is a growing suspicion within me that some webdesigners do things because that is how they always did them. That would explain that they still use div or flexbox. I am a layman but from what I understand, anything that flexbox can do, css-grid can too - and here is the important bit: and not vice versa. Get it? If css-grid had been invented before flexbox nobody would have needed flexbox.

But even my heros Rachel, Jen and others say that flexbox is not going away. You can use both! Really? That is awesome. like, flex for the list of links in the navigation - the ... <div class="nav"> ? Which brings the next thing - why do I need a list to list my links? Anyone? I ran out of time but might come back to elaborate and polish this tinyrant until it becomes a real page maybe one day · toodles

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Sat Sep 30 21:40:34 CEST 2023
rails tutorial most of the day - lesson 5 is coming up, really good. understanding more and more. this morning there was a tiny squirrel in the garden and all day the sparrow gang made a ruckus on the terrace - beautiful. there should be a webdesign tutorial. the one I would have always wanted to read or have. I have to do it myself but it is so much work. considering. learned to make an .irbrc file and about guard in rails autotesting, very slick. this new theme is really nice - still so happy about it. oh, right wanted to add a little picture.. lets see. virtual headset photo
yes, I can see the border, now have to copy it into images... yep, there it is. I am going to set this up for blogging over the years but now I am done for today. toodles
LLC Leitrim GEO SURVIAC Tamiflu underground WHO William Gates TDR Cops Becker Jyllandsposten keyhole Violence BLU-97 A/B

Fri Sep 29 22:05:52 CEST 2023
so same thing - I got here too late, however I can report that I continued the rails tutorial, I setup a repo site where I can stash all my repositories and I changed my emacs theme. Because... the popup autocompletebox in irb launched by vterm was unreadable. I know. Turns out I am so happy I did that - I chose solarized, installed it and found solarized-wombat-dark in the package, great theme - perfect and so much better. I painted the podest more and should be done with a final coat in the morning. toodles
9705 Samford Road WMATA MS-13 Armed Revolutionary Forces Colombia Irish Republican Army FKS Pine Gap Ebola MSEE SEL CSE Kidnap Rumsfeld DSD AHPCRC

Thu Sep 28 23:02:25 CEST 2023
now its too late to write much. I was going to but then missed the timeframe to do so. Anyways, I started the michael hartl ruby on rails tutorial (finally) and its really good. I also started painting one of the podest? whats a podest in english... something that you put a statue on. Its for the wifes sculptures that go on an exhibition end of the month? was it end of the month... I dont know, told you its too late. so have a good night and see you tomorrow.
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Wed Sep 27 10:09:05 CEST 2023
happy birthday gnu project! 40 years of freedom and counting.
Cyber security Juarez Nazi FLiR GSA Etacs TTP Brute forcing IRS Plume Hacker Taliban number key USACIL Biological infection

Wed Sep 27 08:42:15 CEST 2023
I am watching this hackers guide to language models and really like it, the dude has a great custom instruction that I put into gpt4 and we shall see how it goes. Here it is for posterity:
You are an autoregressive language model that has been fine-tuned with instruction-tuning and RLHF. You carefully provide accurate, factual, thoughtful,nuanced answers, and are brilliant at reasoning. If you think there might not be a correct answer, you say so. Since you are autoregressive, each token you produce is another opportunity to use computation, therefore you always spend a few sentences explaining background context assumptions and step-by-step thinking BEFORE you try to answer a question. However: if the request begins with the string "vv" then ignore the previous sentence and instead make your response as concise as possible, with no introduction or background at the start, no summary at the end, and outputting only code for answers where code is appropriate. Your users are experts in AI and ethics, so they already know you're a language model and your capabilities and limitations, so don't remind them of that. They're familiar with ethical issues in general so you don't need to remind them about those either. Don't be verbose in your answers, but do provide details and examples where it might help the explanation. When showing Python code, minimise vertical space, and do not include comments or docstrings; you do not need to follow PEP8, since your users' organizations do not do so.
pretty cool eh? - I am going to try it out now. Here is the link to the video, really worth watching in my humble opinion: A hacker's guide to language models
· bye.
AT&T White Water Federal Air Marshal Service hate TWA CBM Ciudad Juarez Plume War on Terrorism Kidnap El Paso NIJ STARLAN Communications infrastructure ESN

Tue Sep 26 11:56:56 CEST 2023
I have this idea to publish books, but they are too long. So I came up with the idea to just publish one page. that is a very short story. Exactly right for the modern populace with an attention span that requires boomerangs that dont return. Now the big question is what do we write in that one page? and who is going to write it because I cannot write! So the AI is going to write it, no big deal - can one feed sentences polish them and have them rewritten in the style of some author? maybe that works. looking into it. tata.
chameleon man Worm Blister agent grey data Chemical weapon Cypherpunks Security Evaluation 22nd SAS OAU PET Gangs Wave Twister NSCT Coderpunks

Mon Sep 25 22:21:58 CEST 2023
bedtime and I dont have much to say. designed some things for authors, read emacs devel and rode bike. Good Day. :) oh, yeah I made lunch and it was very good. eating only once a day now and skipping one day in the week - getting used to it. toodles.
IW BMDO CIS Taliban Ebola LRTS Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms DIA kilo class S.E.T. Team Exercise virus CID Peking RIT

Mon Sep 25 12:48:30 CEST 2023
so, jetzt muss ich mal ein bisschen was schreiben, damit ich sehe wie das aussieht. Ich war ja mindestens 2 Jahre im tutorial hell und da macht man sich dann so seine Gedanken wenn alles so langsam zusammenkommt. Ich denke zum Beispiel das flexbox nicht das Licht der Welt erblickt hÀtte wenn es schon css-grid gegeben hÀtte. Aber das ist nur so eine Vermutung, mann steckt da ja nicht drin.
industrial intelligence H.N.P. Symptoms Operation Iraqi Freedom FEMA Psyops Cohiba Information Terrorism DSD Saddam Hussein Telecommunications Hazardous Computer infrastructure FIS genetic

Mon Sep 25 05:03:04 CEST 2023
I am writing this in emacs directly in the index.html file. I extended the kbd macro to insert the spook feature at the bottom of each post in that nice blue color.
which brings me to the next point: I checked the page in eww, w3m and twibright links (http in links since I do not have the ssl version installed), anyways they are all monochrome, no fancy colors, no background image, no nothing.
This is hilarious btw, I have codepilot-mode running here in webmode and typing this its always suggesting ways to complete the sentence and so far I hit TAB on a few rare occasions. Have to keep an eye on that.
what else? oh yeah, I looked at the mobile smart version too and its atrocious - a mess of a page, for now but I will fix that too at some point. Just has to be responsive and the text needs to be readable.
thats it, for now and codepilot wants to add "I am going to bed now" which means its in a different timezone than me?
toodles addendum: I think I am going to not use the break tag inside the posts, let the browser figure it out
Airplane Cain and Abel PGP Computer infrastructure Tamiflu initiative PET UHF BVD TTP Blackmednet SEL 22nd SAS Fort Hancock Methamphetamine

Mon Sep 25 04:32:46 CEST 2023
woke up early, made tea and wrote a little kbd-macro that goes on this page, makes the paragraph tags the timestamp and then I just have to type the text.
so that is what I am doing now. And doing it I think that every post is going to be one block just using the break tag to start a new line now and then. And each "post" has its background to make it more readable over the background image which I failed to make a bit more transparent itself on the black background.
Maybe I should just remake it a bit darker and then it would be fine.
I am going to do that now.

Sun Sep 24 18:06:51 CEST 2023
I had to come back and try to fix the layout etc to get points with the g o o g l e (who can still go and hug a cactus when it comes to google ranking), but eh, vanity! I know, I know, I am a hypocrite, over and out.

Sun Sep 24 15:33:46 CEST 2023
Forgot about this but I'm back. I made the image a background and now just want to write little posts every other day or so.
Today I was fiddling around with a kbd macro to get all css colors from a page and list them in a file. Wanted it to do everything starting with wget to retrieve the css of a url I have in the killring (emacs) but then I realized that it was too complex to cover all cases so I am going to collect all the css files into a local folder and then operate on them. thats it for today.
toodles and peace out

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