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16 NYC bike shops open before 10AM


Last night, a friend mentioned a forgotten TV show that I'd religiously watched in the late 80s. Mathnet. It was a parody of Dragnet, with math humor and dad jokes. It's as nerdy as it sounds&emdash;and hilarious. Lying in bed, I watched an episode on YouTube, iPhone held in an arc over my head, giggling at the hairstyles and goofy jokes. Here's the a good one. Go on, watch it. If you found yourself here, you'd probably like it.

YouTube is the most important, the most revolutionary and the best site on the Internet. You'll never convince me otherwise. It took me a long time to realize this, but it's true.

Twenty years ago today, Netscape Navigator was released into the world. I dont think I saw it until 1995, when my geekiest friend took me to the computer lab and gleefully showed me the drab gray screen with too much aliased gray text. I was unmoved. Doesnt seem any better than LYNX, I thought..

Uncharacteristically lazy Saturday to shed all the busy-ness of the last few weeks. Slept til 9. Then, suddenly, a long walk into a Red Hook evening, the early sunset dropping a pink curtain behind the skyline.

Brooklyn Beta all day in the gorgeous building at the Navy Yard. More break than conference, but @textfiles brings it home well with a discussion of the Internet Archive and the beer is good.

It feels appropriate that for this, for this Right Now, I am writing code on my iPhone using an app to ssh into tilde.club. I am backwards compatible.

Today, flying across the Brooklyn Bridge and dodging tourists, I spotted a man, 7 feet tall, head and shoulders above the crowd. He moved more slowly than the rest, taking in the views, breeze rippling in his hair. I didn't, but I should have high-fived him as I zipped past, leaving a wake in his loose flannel shirt.

I made my first webpage, a ~page, in 1995, coding directly onto the UNIX server in emacs from my quiet desk job at the science library. I spent HOURS on it, but alas, it's lost to history. It's good to be back.

OH (possibly my husband): Why are you spending so much time on something no one will ever see?


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