Well, I figured out how to upload a background. And now I have to figure out what else to put here.

You still need to imagine the beaaaauuuutiful unicorn who dances across the page every few seconds, but I'll get there.

This is Mo's Tilde Club Page

If you're wildly impressed by this, I'm looking for work.
As my design sense probably indicates, I work in construction.

Ideally, I'm looking for work as a construction project manager or estimator.
I just finished a Construction Management Program at the Mechanics' Institute, and I'm rarin' to go.
While all this pixel stuff is fun and keeps terribly healthy brown bread in my kids' bellies, I don't think it's a fun job unless there's a 20 yard dumpster out front. Send me a note if you have a friend or loved one at a construction company doing work in NYC.

Also, because I think it's germane in this context, I'm a woman, and I'm a feminist.

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