Welcome to my tilde.

Okay, I've decided to abandon Neocities in favor of tilde.club, which means I'm part of the tildeverse now.
Special thanks to the tilde.club staff, members, and of course Roly, our plamt friend.
Also, I decided to make the switch to Linux fully. I've re-introduced the blog, and the sites I recommend, and new for me is an idea that I wanted to do ever since I wanted to make a site,

The Hall of Shame.

In case you're wondering, the Hall of Shame is where I list things that I hate, including Twitter accounts that blocked me for no reason, or just because they started RPing as a minor, and went full-on NSFW when their 18th birthday happened, or accounts that I blocked myself.
Other inclusions are shitty MUGEN creators, Logo Blooper community members, etc. Below is an example of what a Hall of Shame entry looks like.
Entry Name Twitter Username Reason for Inclusion
Obvious Dumbfuck @ObviousDumbfuck Being a dumbfuck, 'nuff said.
The blog is also used for vents, btw.
I also host servers for games like UT99, for example.
That's about it for the main page, no 88x31 buttons to be found here.
Any suggestions? Send 'em to my ~club e-mail at


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