25 december 2021

Hi ! my name is Jade and this is my tilde.club blog.

Today is christmas, and it's actually the first time I don't spend it with my family. That's quite a strange feeling, I don't feel sad, quite the oposite to be honest. I went to an amazing party yesterday and today I wanted to stay alone. I was quite disapointed that there were less people than usual on the tilde.chat IRC but I suppose hat was to be expected.
Anyway, today I played GRIS until the end and I really enjoyed it. It is a platformer with really nice drawings and music, it's a really chill experiance and I would recommend you qive it a try if you haven't yet.
Last thing I did today, well, that was the first but since it's the most important I put it at the end, I dyed my hair blue and it looks AMAZING !! It makes me feel a bit better and I rteally need it at the moment. I hope it will last long and not turn green in two weeks, but we'll see !
Thats it for today. Thanks for reading and I really hope hou have a good day ! Bye <3