David's Home Page

Here it is: my new and improved home page. Well, it's different anyway.

Now I've got to update all the other pages, and then I'm all set. But for now, I encourage you to take a look at changes as they happen over the next few weeks.

Yes, that's right! Select photos from My Portfolio are now available for your viewing pleasure on-line!

I received my bachelors in Photography (and my business minor) from Northern Arizona University, and upon graduation I was named Outstanding Photography Graduate. I also received the NAU School of Communication's Distinguished Senior Award. Here now is a selection from my portfolio, consisting mainly of black and white portrait/fashion type pictures.

Brand Spankin' New! You can now download the Multimedia version of my portfolio. Presently, it is only available in a Macintosh version, with a Windows version (hopefully) coming soon. To download it, select the link below, and hold down your mouse button until the pop-up menu comes up. Then choose Save this link as... and save it on your hard drive. You will need to decode it from its binhexed form, which can be done with Stuffit Expander (which should have come with your latest version of Netscape Navigator).

The Official Netters' MUST-SEE Movies Checklist

The Official Netters' MUST-SEE Movies List, a project which I began in mid-1994, is now available on the World Wide Web. Compiled based on suggestions from hundreds of internet-users across the globe, this is the difinitive list of movies that every true film buff should see.

For years now, my site has been getting hundreds of hits per month, with people flocking to my critically acclaimed Must-See Movies Checklist, as well as my Photography Portfolio.

Now, having switched everything over to a new server, I feel that it is time to revamp my web site in keeping up with the times. Over the next couple of months, major changes will be taking place. My Portfolio is going to have a new look and new feel, with all new photos. The movie list will be completely updated, and the guestbook will be reopened.

Unfortunately, some things (forms, counters, and maybe a couple of links that haven't been fixed yet) may not be working properly until the grand re-opening.

All your comments and suggestions are still appreciated, and can be sent to david@yab.com.