IA or not IA

I think there are two main reasons for most companies to adopt IA :

Both are, in my opinion, bad reasons.

Maybe it could be useful to try to adopt a "we don't want to use IA" stance and wait a few years to see a new trendy technology appear which will drain all funds from IA and make it look obsolete.

For me, this [article] 1 by Andrew Kelley the creator of the Zig programming language hits the nail on the head :

LLMs are a way to make software take orders of magnitude more computational power, electricity, and human labor, while delivering a product whose extremely volatile quality is impossible to assure. The work will never be completed; it will only create the need for ever more labor.

For investors, all this churn is attractive. It's disruptive.

It's why we can't have nice software.

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