social web

I have a hard time finding a suitable "social" platform, even mastodon, which is now widely advised, does not really suit my needs.

In the end I always come back to some forums and RSS feeds for the blogs I follow.

And if I need, I'll occasionally send an email to the blog owner.

I like what Kev Quirk says about mastodon while he himself runs a mastodon instance and I also like his preference on email and forums.

He is starting a penpal project by writing mails with other bloggers, so go read some of their posts.

Like him, I also mostly interact and do stuff IRL.

I have quite a "seasonal" flow, maybe I'll write a post about it some day, but in summary I mostly stay online during the worse times of winter when the weather is really preventing me to go outside. And as soon as the weather gets better I mostly go outside.

That is why most of the releases on my book reading tracker app Jelu happen during winter (see the about page for the link to Jelu).

As usual, if you want to interact with me, don't hesitate to send an email, the about page has my contact info.

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